Ruby, By Robert Carper

Ruby is a lighthearted adventure about Stryker and Margaret, both awkward graduate students, who embark on a quest for a treasure lost for thousands of years.

Stryker and Margaret are socially inept, but don't be fooled--they are both highly intelligent and very capable. They just haven't realized it yet.

Stryker thinks his only challenge is how to meet Margaret, and he can barely find the courage to say hi. However, he has no idea what lies ahead or the courage he will need.

After Margaret finds valuable information about a ruby lost long ago, Stryker volunteers his help and persuades her to look for the treasure together. Reluctantly, she agrees and they are off.

The story opens as chariots of the pharaoh pursue fleeing Edomite villagers trying to protect a treasure--a treasure so valuable that they are willing to die to keep it hidden. They perish in the dust of the chariot's charge. Now it's Stryker and Margaret's turn to search the sands of the desert.

They find themselves on camels, oblivious to the dangers just ahead. Now is the time for Stryker to find that courage. His bravery sparks romance, and they continue their journey.