Bestway 93404E Hot Wheels Ball Pit, Red

Best way - hot wheels ball pit - don't just make it awesome, make it epic! for those who love revving up their engines, a hot wheels ball pit from Best way is right up their race car Alley. The hot wheels ball pit is an epic way for boys to bring out their creative and competitive sides. Because the ball pit encourages playtime, boys will delight in experimenting fun ways to play the day away. The ball pit is designed with brightly colored hot wheel graphics, a back rest for comfort, a steering wheel with built-in horn and 25 play balls, fueling tykes for endless fun. Approximate inflated dimensions are 53 inches L x 39 inches W x 17 inches H. Suitable for ages 2 years old and up. Use only under competent supervision.
Best way - hot wheels ball pit,53 inches x 39 inches x 17 inches,Safety valves,Sturdy pre-tested vinyl,Back rest for comfort