Day of Dust (Paperback)

  • Format:Paperback
  • Publication Date: 2020-05-01

"His mind went numb when he saw the city, and he grasped his cuff as he watched the whitewashed buildings begin to crumble. He saw wandering figures in the uneven streets, and black dust wreathing its way through every gap. 'I don't want this,' he said, backing away so the trees would block out the sight. But the blood sinking into the dust would never leave his mind."

Caius trusted the perfect city all his life, until the day it took away his parents. Now his mind is haunted with sickening memories, and he can't seem to push away the feeling that something else - something not quite right - is being done.

When his plan to risk The Rules goes terribly wrong, it's up to his sister, a cryptic Outsider called Rudy, and the Administrator's crazy daughter to reach him.

  • If they fail, it's the end of the line for all of them.